Reflections – Art, Music & Creative Writing

Reflections is the signature creative arts program for SunRidge Senior Living. Much more than just a fun activity, Reflections works to improve or enhance cognitive and emotional health, self-esteem, concentration, healing and motor skills through art, music and creative writing. When our Residents participate in Reflections, their faces brighten and we’re touched to see them enjoying life more fully.

The arts have long been enjoyed for its many therapeutic qualities. The creative mind allows residents to enter their own world, providing mental rest and relaxation. In a strong state of concentration, artists abstract themselves from their surroundings and time passes quickly without noticing it. For this reason, creating or participating in various art forms can be intensely satisfying for our Residents.

Reflections provides opportunities for connection and friendship through its classes and social gatherings. Participants and instructors alike love to see and discuss the beautiful works that are expressed through art, music and creative writing.

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